6 Reasons Why You Should Order Delivery Cocktails

Tonic at Home cocktails prepared


Whether you are an avid cocktail drinker, a connoisseur, or brand new to the world of mixed drinks - there is one thing that is certain: selecting from the sheer number of available cocktails on the market can be overwhelming to even the most experienced drinker.

Many retailers are limited in their selection, making it tough to expand your list of favourites. Then there are the terms...foamy, bitter, fruity...the list goes on and on. 

Now, thanks to Tonic at home, all you need is the internet. With a large, diverse selection of cocktails, you are sure to find something to please even the pickiest of drinkers or win over new cocktail enthusiasts as well. From Edinburgh's best Pornstar Martini to our own creation the Puerto Rico Boat Trip and everything in between, we have an extensive collection of cocktails to suit any occasion.


Below are our top 6 reasons to purchase Tonic at Home cocktails.

1. High-Quality Ingredients
Quality is paramount to us.  As with our own venue, Bar Tonic, we only use the best and freshest ingredients wether it be spirits or fruit.  With Ketel One, Tanqueray and Bacardi all the leading brands in their market, they're well known for fine taste.
Add to that our state of the art vacuum packing process ensuring not only quality but also longevity of our products. 
All of these factors result in our cocktails tasting just as good at home as they do in the bar.  Don't believe us?  Just check out some of our reviews

2. Order Now - Have Delivered Later!
Buying for a special occasion, birthday or weekend away?  Why not select a Preferred Delivery Date up to 3 months in advanced, meaning your cocktails will arrive closer to the time (and save you hiding them from the recipient!).  This also maximises the freshness, as all of our products are delivered with at least three weeks before BBD. 

3. Delivery Right to Your Doorstep
It was not so many years ago that the possibility of having cocktails delivered right to your doorstep was basically unheard of. Now, thanks to Tonic at Home, you can have your favourite tipple delivered directly to your home or business, or even sent as a gift!

4. You Don't Have to Be an Expert Bartender
All of our cocktails come with easy to follow instructions printed on the front. 
Simply cut open the pouch, pour it into a shaker (jam jar, protein shaker... just anything you can get your hands on!) with ice, give it a little shake and pour. 
We do all the hard work - so you don't have to!


5. Budget-Friendly

All of our cocktails are priced at just £6, and our mocktails £4. 

Or, you can opt for one of our Cocktail Packs with a set amount of cocktails for slightly less.  Plus, add a shaker for just £8! 


6. Wide Variety

Tonic at Home offers 12 different cocktail flavours, including the classics:

Pornstar Martini, Starburst Martini, French Martini, Espresso Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri, Lychee Daiquiri, Pina Colada Daiquiri and Cosmopolitan

Plus also some of our own bartenders favourites:

There's No Place Like Tonic, Puerto Rico Boat Trip, I'll Be Your Wingman and Watermeloooan!

See the full range HERE.

Looking for something a bit special?  We also offer a variety of Gift Boxes!


 Tonic at Home Cocktail Pouches

So, all that's left to do now is order...